Demon Lord – Repopulation Project (18+ Adult Game)

Play as a Goblin that’s more Lucky than the Leprechaun with charms.

Game Description

Initial Release: Alpha1 – 4.9.21

Update 1:  Alpha2 – 4.11.21See Alpha2 Devlog for more info.

Next: Update 2: Alpha3 – 4.16.21 4.23.21 (planned) – All main positions and major artwork for the first 3 girls implemented and the progression path flushed out. 

4.18.21 Note: I was a bit ambitious thinking I’d have another release so soon. Giving myself another week to try and get some real progress made.

Synopsis: Demon Lord – Repopulation Project follows a goblin who has been asked by his Lord Majesty to repopulate this realm with his species by imprisoning and impregnate countless human women. Follow along on his journey to resurrecting his kind to former glory.

How you can help me develop this game:

1. Donate – If I made money making this, I’d have more free time to invest into making it!

2. Voice – Vocalize the issues and experience from your perspective to help me make things better.

3. Marketing/Advertising – Tell people about this or shoot me some ideas on how I might be able to get this in front of more people.

Shoot me a line: [email protected]

Note: Roadmap coming soon.


Hella animated sex scenes. 

Harem of 8+ females to imprison and bone. 

A flushed out battle system that provides challenge and reward.

Endgame features.

Special characters.

A multitude of quests and chores.

Customizable options.

A game that’s not only sexy, but fun to play!

Ingame Screenshot