Armor Breaker

Adult RPG with lots of clothing/armor damage mechanics

Game Description

Welcome to my first game – Armor Breaker!

The full version is currently undergoing an update! Get access to the full version on Patreon or directly through (soon)

You can also check out the release of my newest (3D rendered) game, Super Battle Decks.


The armor break scene is too slow / too fast. Can I change it?

Yes – you can change “Break Speed” via the options menu in game or at the tittle screen.

I can’t select the enemies / my cursor is stuck on an enemy

For some reason if you have your mouse over one of the enemies you can’t use the arrow keys to select other ones. Easy fix though – if you move your mouse off the game screen you should be able to select freely again. 

Regeneration doesn’t work!

It actually does work, it’s just a very small amount of HP and STAM per turn and I didn’t put in text to remind you about HP / STAM regen every turn because it felt a little annoying during testing. That being said, once you have it on it lasts the whole fight and can’t be taken away AND it stacks up to 10 times. Particularly useful if you can build up stacks for longer boss fights.

Why is the combat so difficult? Why do I get one-hit killed sometimes?

There are a couple of mechanics that are helpful to understand – I would recommend you go through the tutorial battle if you haven’t already, or select an easier difficulty level. Make sure to watch out for enemies who are stacking attack buffs and/or triple damage and use either absorb or stun to stop them. Also, not every build will be viable ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ingame Screenshot