(+18) Succubus Hunter

Go hunting for a succubus in this Hentai Game and get your reward.

Game Description

[2024 Note]

We are turning things around here and we would like to develop a new version of these games in the future – updated arts, new mechanics and a funnier story. This is not as simple as we would like, but we love all that and that why we are putting effort into it.

Besides the remake of our current games, we are working on a new project called: Lake View. It will be a hentai game that mix horror and puzzles in a funny yuri story. Part os the development is being share on the Twitter/X profile: twitter.com/softpeachstudio

If you like our games, consider supporting us with the development of all these projects! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thanks for playing <3

Ingame Screenshot