Reincarnated into my Lover’s Body

Goddess of Reincarnation!! Help meee!!

Game Description

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Chapter 54 !! Now Available!!  New Chapter under dev!!

Expressing her feelings to her childhood friend, they meet with an unfortunate accident. Opening their eyes they seem to have met with the Goddess of Reincarnation!!!

What happened on the day before the accident and what fate lies for these intertwined hearts after meeting the Goddess of Reincarnation?
Join them on their journey!!

About Browser Version:

The browser version may/may not display some frames depending on the browser you are using. For a smooth game-play feel free to get the windows version of the game!!! Use of “X” , “Z” and Arrow keys for controls!!! 

Loading old Save’s:
Add the old save folder in the newly downloaded update and you will be able to play it.

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