Plop Fantasy Girls

Plop Plop Plop

Game Description

-Faster Gameplay!

-Normal Monsters 1 -> 3

-Spezial Monsters 3 -> 5

-Blue Monsters 4 -> 6

-Red Monster 5 -> 8

-Chain Bonus 10 -> 50

-New treasure chest spawns! With Gold loot.

-New Perk Menu to buy buffs with Gold.

-New work in progress endless/infinity mode.

-Fix Bug with chain message

-Fix Bug in spawner

-demo booster removed (The game is now lot faster as with the booster)

-add some effects

Thx for all the feedback!


DK, Moghunter

Nico Kobayashi, Galv


Stitch, Nuraray, Avery

Pandamaru, TheRealFusion

Starbird, Kokoro Reflections

Ingame Screenshot