Don’t get me drunk

A retro game inspired by the “A game by it’s cover” Jam 2019

Game Description


Use A (mainly) and D keys as controls. No other keys are needed. If you are playing on a mobile device, those controls will be drawn on your device.

I tried to make this game as retro as possible emulating the early NES games.

Game fits on the actual resolution of the NES and also the pallete is short.

Accordly to the case designed by Asami y Soyoto in this cover you need to get drunk some girls, and this is the main goal on this game, i aproached that idea more like pocket gals or gals panic from that era and make it spicy.

Later on i discovered the lewd jam and i though it could be possible to make a game that could fit in both jams, and this is the product, a small game made of minigames where you should give the girl her favorite drink and perhaps be rewarded for doing so.


Not recomended for minors.

The browser playable version does not contain nudity, but underwear, Downloadable versions of this game contains nude pixel draws on the end of each phase, only suitable for adults.

Ingame Screenshot