Halloween Babes

Game Description

New releases: customize Juju and Ms LeBlanc clothes:

In this game, you have to find a way to hook up with the three beautiful babes in the party. There are three sexy scenes, one for each babe.

There are also extra achievements thrown in there just for fun. 

-There is no game over, so you don’t need to worry about saying the wrong thing.
-Some characters have randomized dialogues. If a dialogue repeats it doesn’t mean
there are no more dialogues left (some may be important).
-You can miss out on one achievement, so if you want to complete them all, beware!
-Sometimes music won’t play until you turn it off and on a couple of times, i have no idea why.
-Drag and drop of items may be out of sync if it’s not on full screen.
-Please feel free to report any bugs and stuff.

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Ingame Screenshot