Wanna Peek? Candy Bunnies

Hunt for eggs and undress 6 cute, candy bunnies in this 18+ NSFW, PANIC hentai game! Happy Candy Bunny Day!

Game Description

A spring-themed hentai game from Milky Honey Soft.


Candy Bunny Day: that time of year when you can satisfy your sweet tooth. What’s that in your basket? Chocolate, lollipops, jelly beans, and…..CANDY BUNNIES?!

Open up 6 sexy eggs in this PANIC-style hentai action game. Hunt for eggs (yes REALLY), fight bunnies in aerial combat, and undress cute, colorful, candy bunnies in this NSFW 18+ game. Free from Milky Honey Software to you <3!


Let’s go on an egg hunt! The prize? 6 BONUS LEVELS with extra sexy art of your favorite candy bunnies! Get each egg + basket in all 3 rounds to unlock the bonus image.

1) Search for eggs using the “hot/cold” meter. 
2) When it says “HOT!” clear the area to find the egg. 
3) The egg will go in your basket.  Get the basket! 

*TIP: Don’t get the basket, until you find the egg! 

To move, hold Z and use arrow keys (or / and WASD). Connect your line to an existing line to reveal the image. If an enemy hits your line, a fuse will start. Don’t get hit! Defeat enemies to get power-ups by trapping them!  

 Rating: Mature 18+ (contains nudity and sexual themes) 

<3 All characters depicted are 25 and older <3 


OOF. We were struggling to finish this one. This is our biggest game yet!!!

We put a lot of love into it and are so excited about the new egg hunt game play. We hope you have fun! Thank you again for your support and  stay tuned. 

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This game will crash when running on Firefox. Please do not run it on Firefox! We are attempting to fix this problem, but there is low confidence that the issue will be solved. Please try playing the game on another web browser. Sorry!


Ingame Screenshot