Xmas on March?! Lewd.

Blair has got you a gift. It’s a sloppy one.

Game Description

A quick and fully animated romp!

Collect all the sprites to rack up some coins to unlock more clips!

Hope you enjoy it!

This is our first game made with Unity. Please excuse any bugs or general weirdness ^^”

<<Patreon is getting re-done! Stay tuned!>>


:: The game runs SO MUCH better on Chrome!

:: All the animations are in 720p and 60fps, so the game has to download around 200MB and takes up about 2GB of RAM. It might take a while to load.

:: If the game is not loading at all, it might be because your browser is blocking 3rd party cookies. Allowing just those might fix it.

:: Some old versions of Edge might fail to display the cursor.

Ingame Screenshot