Tatsumaki Revamped

A Revamped version of Rnot2000’s simulation Game

Game Description

Tatsumaki Revamped is a short interactive animation featuring Rnot2000’s beautiful art. With Rnot2000’s permission, I’ve “revamped” their animation by adding, lewd sounds, rebuilt UI, and bone-based animation using Spine. 

All characters depicted are 18 or older.

► Programming/ Animation/ and Other Stuff: The Gentle Viking NSFW

► Artist: Rnot2000

► Voice: MizzPeachy

If you like the game consider supporting me on Patreon. With your support, I can make more “Revamped” simulations and original games. I’ll also be able to hire artists and voice talent to make the games even better.

A big thanks again to Rnot2000 for letting me use their art and to MizzPeachy for supplying the Voice.

Ingame Screenshot