Life in Teyvat: Night with Hu Tao

Life in Teyvat is a sex simulator with visual novel elements

Game Description

Life in Teyvat is a sex simulator with visual novel elements, where you need to interact with the characters from the game Genshin Impact, and bring them to orgasm, but do not cum first.

You are person without any abilities and recently got to Teivat in a strange way, here you need to rebuild your life, make new acquaintances and of course satisfy your sexual needs.

The first person you meet is Hu Tao, the owner of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, an unusual and beautiful girl. I wonder what she’s like in bed?

You can interact with the character with one hand using only the left mouse button, or turn on auto mode and not use your hands at all. 

When interacting with the character, she will accumulate a bar of excitement and when it is filled, the character will have orgasm. But don’t forget that this also applies to you, keep an eye on your bar so that you don’t cum first!

To go inside her, click on the area just below her pussy.

Note: This game is at an early stage of development, so there may be problems with sound and animations, also other bugs! 

If you encountered one of them, please let us know!

With your support, development will be faster and better!

Update 1.0.2:

-Fixed bug with fps drop during sex.
-Fixed bug with incorrect display of the game on 16:10, 4:3, 21:9 and other monitors.
-Changed tutorial.
-Fixed minor bugs with full screen mode (in HTML they may still appear, I don’t know why:с)

Ingame Screenshot