OppaimonV0.3.7 BETA

Game Description

Version notes:

+Bug fixed related with the exp
+Bug fixed related with saving system (only for desktop version)

* Oppaimons added: Cumpie, Peedle, Blowffing, Sexkans

* Attacks added: Bite, Bondage, Chew, Clitshot, Fake orgasm, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Horny, Hot breath, Hug, Hyper bite, Moan, Poison kiss, Popper, Quick fuck, Razor ass, Sand screw, Sludge, Suck nipples, Tail whip, Whirlsquirt (Some attacks will be adjusted in future updates)

* Now attacks have probability of success, otherwise the attack will fail

* Route 2 added

* 2 new girls added (Cloe and Zoe)

* First story event with the team sucket

* Alexa sprites renewed and implemented

* Alexa animation implemented

* First date implemented (A visit to the lake)

* Oppaimon now learn new attacks when they level up

* Cummander, Squirty and Vulvasaur evolve at level 16

* Dialogue system renewed and implemented in some situations

* Voices of Alexa, Violett and Rin added to the game

* In this version has not been implemented the side effects of some attacks, such as your probability of poisoning or critical hit (future update will be included)


* Temporarily in the date with Professor Alexa the background remains black, we are still looking for some illustrator to help us with the background of the lake, we will soon make an update added it

* Temporarily there is a bug that changes the size of some oppaimons in battle, we are fixing it

* Start the game from 0 since we have implemented new stuffs since the beginning.

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Ingame Screenshot