monster girl adventure Demo

A NSFW random encounter action adventure game! (18+ only!)

Game Description

An early form of the eventual demo.  Art is still very much a work in progress and things are a bit rough around the edges,  but core concepts are starting to form.


game can only be saved in downloadable standalone. not in browser version!!

F key to interact/check areas. 
I for inventory.
use arrow keys/WASD to move.
Hit ASDF Keys at the right time as they fall to charm the Monster Girls in just the right way!

If you want to support this project and help it grow, consider subscribing to the Patreon or making a donation here on itch. Got no hentai moneys but still wanna help?  drop a comment on what you liked or didn’t like, and share this game to anyone who might be interested.

Downloadable standalone available on Patreon!
1. Download the zip
2. extract the files
3. click on Monster Girl Venture

Thanks for playing! 

Ingame Screenshot