Lewd Sprites Chapter 8 Demo

Explore through dangerous ruins atop the Rosey Cliffs to find all the sexy sprites!

Game Description

Horny sprites are all around you!

They need a little encouragement, but rest assured they want the * D *

Are you GUDDD enough to find em all??

5 sprites, 6 scenes in total!

move: WASD
check area: F
Fire Peashooter: Spacebar
grab rocks: E

PS the game actually, genuinely really does have audio now! It’s not even a falsity or fabrication.

This is a web demo! It might run a little choppy in browser. You can get access to the full game over at patreon.com/hyperbeamart

Full game has over 25 unique sprites, and more than double that many scenes, all waiting to be discovered in a curious and whimsical world!

Ingame Screenshot