Oasis Lust: Chapter 1

There’s lust in the oasis pal…What are you waiting for?

Game Description

You play as  Pebble, a spunky Futanari adventurer! In her adventures, Pebble will come across all kinds of different sexy ladies, monster girls, various plant life, throbbing amorphous…ehem well you get the idea, it’s a porn game about a Futa set in a fantasy world, I don’t think I need to spell it out for you. 

This project is still early in development so there’s not a ton of content just yet, but more is on the way. There is, of course, an exclusive scene (with a good bit of jiggling going on) over on my Patreon. Oh, and that is also the best way to support the project and help it grow! Thanks so much for checking it out! 


2 early access scenes, more world, combat mechanic…It’s all available RIGHT NOW over on patreon!   Patreon!!

Ingame Screenshot