Mating Season GB

Mating Season GB NSFW Furry Porn Game

Game Description

Mating Season is a furry H-Game I made in GBStudios, You play as a Anthro Raccoon?…(IDK what she is tbh) trying to get laid during mating season. 

Bump your way through 4 Core H-Scenes and find little hidden extras!

This is not the complete game, but majority of the content planned for it. 

Due to the inherent limitations of GB-Studios, I Cut this game short and am now working with people to make Mating Season Deluxe, A much more expansive game, that will be made using the Unity Engine, with full color as well as SNES Style Sprites and Full HD Cut Scenes. 

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SideNote. Put the rom file in the DLs.

Ingame Screenshot