Luna in the Tavern: Episode 3

Luna and Mirana play “Never have I ever” together. DOTA2 fan erotic game.

Game Description

Luna in the Tavern is a quality web visual novel about drinking.

In Episode Three, Luna meets her friend Mirana in the tavern. The girls keep playing “Never have I ever…”, but Mirana suggests a new rule: no more lying to the patrons or a spell that reveals Luna’s lie will be triggered. Luna agrees to the challenge, but how it will end is up to you! And here you can play the First and the Second episodes! 

Game features:

Controls and troubleshooting:

We recommend playing with your mouse. And don’t forget to enter full-screen mode!

If the game doesn’t work, you need to change the “cookies” settings in your browser. To do this go to Settings > Privacy > Site settings > Cookies and site data

Make sure that the “Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)” is ON and “Block third-party cookies” option is OFF

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Ingame Screenshot