Wash Hands for Sarah

Impress Sarah by flattening the curve (coronavirus horror [works on phone])

Game Description

Hi, this is a nice hentai/horror game about this “cultural” pandemic we have these days. Everyone must wash their hands these days, and isn’t that so? Well, I hope this game helps to encourage you to wash Your hands and stay safe and inside like I did while making this game. Make sure to wash off your keyboard by dumping a tube of Purel on it. Wipe down your phone with a WetOne before you show this game to your friends and family because even if this is an erotic game, it is as well and educational one at best.

If you know any streamers, I would appreciate you tell the streamer you know to cover my game. If you know someone at Kotaku.com, you could ask them to give me an interview with them and give them my business card. I would really like to have a special CHAT with the people over at Kotaku to see what they think of the work that I have been doing to improve public safety through erotic web based works.

If you can pay $2.70 to Bernie, you can pay me $2.70 for this game I made for you.

Ingame Screenshot