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After dying, Jubei is in Yomi(Hell). Can you come out of hell? This game contains Much violence,sex and gore. (This game has been BANNED from many rpg game sites!)

Genre: Action, dark fantasy, drama


-Yomi, the Japanese Hell. Year on Earth: 1667. The Edo period: a period of war, politics and conflict between European and Asian Religions.


During the Edo period, also called the Tokugawa period, the administration of the country was shared by over two hundred daimyō in a federation governed by the Tokugawa shogunate. The Tokugawa clan, leader of the victorious eastern army in the Battle of Sekigahara, was the most powerful of them and for fifteen generations monopolized the title of Sei-i Taishōgun (often shortened to shōgun). With their headquarters at Edo (present-day Tōkyō), the Tokugawa commanded the allegiance of the other daimyō, who in turn ruled their domains with a rather high degree of autonomy.

The Tokugawa shogunate carried out a number of significant policies. They placed the samurai class above the commoners: the agriculturists, artisans, and merchants. They enacted sumptuary laws limiting hair style, dress, and accessories. They organized commoners into groups of five and held all responsible for the acts of each individual. To prevent daimyō from rebelling, the shōguns required them to maintain lavish residences in Edo and live at these residences on a rotating schedule; carry out expensive processions to and from their domains; contribute to the upkeep of shrines, temples, and roads; and seek permission before repairing their castles.


Yomi: The Japanese Hell.

Ichihara: Home village of Kojiro and Jubei.


After Jubei’s first Martial arts Tournament failed bid, he barely escaped the massacre in his village. He fullfied his mission to the dragons, but shortly after  he is betrayed, after being decapitated, he is now dead in Yomi.

Jubei is on his search for vengeance, but he is eternally in Hell…


-Karin: A pervert and professional Ninja, she was made a sex slave for the last 150 years and finally escaped.

– Kojiro: Grandson of the famous samurai Sasaki Kojiro, who was slain by Miyamoto Musashi. Kojiro worked for the shogunate and now former teacher in Ichihara. He is famous for slaying Seiryu; it is said he is the only one in the world to have accomplished such a feat. It is thought he died by the masked Akuma or died at the massacre…it is later revealed that he survived.

– Haruka: Kojiro’s and Jubei’s younger sister, and Jubei’s Wife. Kojiro is like a father to Hakura. Haruka Continued to help Jubei on his quest of veangeance, but failed.

– Ittosai: Former village chief in Ichihara, he taught Kojiro the way of the sword, he was one of the daimyō ruling families, he was murderd by the “masked akuma” during the Japanese Martial arts Tournament of 1665.

– Amaterasu: Goddess of the sun and universe, does not get along well with Susanoo.

– Susanoo: God of the sea and storm, ruler of Yomi.

– Akina: Kojiro’s wife, it is said she is held captive by the “masked akuma”. [hide]The masked Akuma returns her to Jubei.[/hide]

– Jubei: Brother to Kojiro and Sakura, was a student under Kojiro… was a famous hitman at Gion, and Samurai under Kojiro, after being betrayed, dies.

– “Masked Akuma”: It is said he is Ryu, the chief of Yagyu village; it is rumored that he took Akina hostage. He is Kojiro’s rival. He saved Jubei´s life at the tournament…so what are his intentions? Are they Good or Evil? [hide]He returns Akina to Jubei, grants power to Jubei on his quest, and kills Jubei.[/hide]

– Hinamori: …

-Seiryu: Famous dragon, had control over most natural elements, after his death the world changed…

-Last Dragon: Not much is known, but she is a giant and powerful Black Dragon, as well as Jubei’s Mother.


– Completely unique characters.

– No random forced encounters.

– Choose your weapon type.

– Choose your armor type.

– Stat distribution system.

– Party system.

[b]- Fast paced fights.[/b]

[b]- Great battle system.[/b]

– Tournament mode.

– Multiple minigames.

– Use your ninpo and ninja tools to your advantage .

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