Vanilla’s Chaotic Bind

Game Description

Vanilla the rabbit, doing chores in the kitchen, gets ambushed by an ancient liquid entity, resulting in… lots of tentacle fun!

Voice by SirenStudios

Commissioned by Chacumera

Desk-Top Mafia –
Soundscape – (Murasato Shota)

Escape Key: Quit

Alt+Enter or F11 Key : Toggle Fullscreen/Window (Default: Fullscreen)
C Key: Toggle Chromatic Aberration (Default: On)
V Key : Toggle VSync (Default: On)
H Key: Hide/Show UI
B/N Keys: Navigate Back/Next through Scenes
I/O Keys: Cum Inside/Outside (When at the end Scene)

* Move your cursor at the top left corner anytime  to show the button to toggle 
background music on/off

Ingame Screenshot