Ganyu – StN [v1.3]

​Ganyu decided to leave her chores aside and skip the nap to enjoy her time with you

Game Description


v 1.3

– Improved breasts physics
– Added Gothic outfit design
– Improved texture quality to 4k
– Improved model overall quality
– Improved thigh physics for the foreplay scene and added physics on the sex scene
– Added balls physics (I can’t believe I forgot to add this to previous release, I’m sorry!)
– Added physics on skirt
– Tweaked animations with physics
– Ganyu now blinks in the foreplay scene (such a basic thing, how could you forget about this, washy from the past?! T_T)

v 1.2

⚠️ iOS users, you might play the Full Version by connecting your Patreon account with my website and play the online version, that’s the only solution I could find to allow you guys to play it, there’s absolutely now way to create an App for iOS 🙁

If you’re having issues with low performance on your mobile browser, I recommend you to donwload the APK version!

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⚠️ I don’t do refunds, if you’re planning to buy our games, keep it in mind before buying it! ⚠️

Ingame Screenshot