DTL’S Lewdytube 1.3

Customize! Record! Earn! And have fun with your lewdytuber!

Game Description




Added a rent and tax system. (Currently is in WIP, trying out this system, but if people dont like it, I may remove it)

The goal of DTL’S Lewdytube is now to earn enough in 30 days to pay off your taxes.

Rent costs 80% of your current money, to balance over-earning. (May change in time)

-Sex is now available from the beginning!

Added an intro and ending sequence (NOT FINAL!!)

-Removed comments entirely.

-Removed the talk button

Added a few new gallery scenes drawn by @Kairv.

Added Kenzie

-Kenzie is a shopkeeper who has 3 scenes currently

-Slapping her ass

-Showing her boobs

-Blowjob scene

Added a few new hairstyles.

Unlocked the darkest natural skin tone for the unexclusive version of the game.

Added 6 new free clothing items



-Skimpy Panties

-Skimpy Bra

-Bunnygirl Outfit

-Bunny Ears

Added 6 new patreon exclusive clothing items


-Yor Forger Dress

-Catgirl Outfit

-Namis bikini and jeans

-2B’s Outfit

-Fishnet Tights

Fixed a bunch of bugs

Added ‘Pose’ to the sex menu. Show off your character!

Fixed the blowjob scene to look better (Still not perfect)

Changed the background colour to a more bright pink! 🙂

Last Notice: The games pacing might feel a little strange. I’m still finicking with it, but as ive said, the game is in its first build, and will have to go through some growing pains before its in a fully fleshed out state. XXX <3




You can customize your tubers hair to whatever colour, and pick out of the current 4 styles(much much more to come (especially for patreons)), In later versions, you will also be able to customize skin colour, body type, and eye colour!


When making a video you have to pick out of three options, each will have different random categories. If you pick a video with trending categories, that video will do better, and you will get more views, and more money.


Refills energy that is used to make videos/cum during sex.


Buy and equip clothes! 



When having sex you are making a ‘lewd video’ in which instead of trending categories dictating viewcounts, its how many times you cum. So say for instance you cum 3 times, you will have an extremely succesful video. Also, lewd videos are published the moment you are done having sex. 


Comments are generated by chance for every view. When replied to, they will grant you views and cash.

You reply to comments by clicking on the reply field and mashing your keys


This allows you to record and edit videos faster to use less energy.

Increases the ammount of revenue/cash from videos/lewd videos

Increases views gained by videos.

In conjunction with microphones and cameras, this will allow you to get tons of views.


Lastly, the gallery! As you level up you will slowly unlock scenes of DTL In different positions and moments! All of these scenes are drawn by @Kairv on newgrounds,

follow them here!


Ingame Screenshot