Adult Manga

Gameboy demake of a SNES hentai slideshow.

Game Description

Adult Manga is Gameboy demake of a SNES hentai slideshow Odo of ExMachina Design, featuring 19 slides of various hentai image. This is similar to my previous slide show demake except this took much more effort retracing and redrawing the sprites to fit the Gameboy’s tinier screen without losing (much) detail. The SNES version has screenshots from PC and PC88/98 eroge, these games tend to have higher screen resolutions than the SNES was able to handle so this took some time getting right for the Gameboy Screen.

Works on original hardware! (requires flashcart)

Optimization examples:

To Do:

– Add music

– Include select pictures from Adult Manga Part 2 (many pictures on that rom are heavily compressed and a bit unusable, so I’m salvaging what is)

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Lion’s Porno Party by Kamithra Games

Disclaimer: A lot of the graphics in this ROM are from 90s hentai. may display scenery deemed unacceptable at the current time. I may try to remove or alter some of them but some may slip through the cracks. If you wish to experience this with its full content, the original roms are available to download elsewhere.

This is a Gameboy demaster of a porn slideshow rom. I do not own the copyright of the original but wanted to see if I could reproduce it on a completely different system. Please do not redistribute.

Ingame Screenshot