Experience the latest in Immersive Virtual Reality. Go on adventures in a fantasy world. Fight monsters, go on quests.

Game Description

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Be the Hero or the Monster!

Returning from the military, you are looking forward to reuniting with your cousin, meeting new girls, and, most excitingly, participating in a new Immersive Reality Game.

But things only get more confusing when you get selected to also participate in training the AIs by playing on the monster side. After an unfortunate incident, the AI introduces some of the more objectable elements of the human experience into the gameplay.

Do you prioritize your role as a hero, protecting the women from this new evil by helping them to grow both in levels and as people? Or do you exploit this opportunity to take advantage of their weaknesses and awaken their slumbering desires? Only you can decide their fate, all the while dealing with an ever learning AI…

Your cousin has always been a happy, go-lucky, adventurous person. When you left, she deeply engaged in her father’s work on a Virtual Reality collar, allowing deep immersion. You are looking forward to seeing her again after all these years.

Growing up in a trailer park was not easy for Kassia. She worked odd jobs to make ends meet. Participating in the VR experiment was a big break for her. 

Fasa’s family has been very successful. As an up-and-coming law student dreams of fighting for those who cannot fight back. 


Growing up in a sheltered, conservative home, Harper is dreaming of experiencing all the adventures she only read about.

With Wyldspace I wanted to create a game that offers real choices. Do you want to be a hero and impress the girls with your righteous actions? Or are you being deviant and slowly corrupting them? Both paths and in-betweens are possible in Wyldspace. Storyline scenes are triggered based on your progress and how well you are able to overcome the challenges.

Currently, the work on Wyldspace is in my free time. Your support will allow for more assets to be used in-game as well as upgrade the equipment used to produce the game. It will also allow me to spend more time working on the game. Each tier for Patreon has its own reward. Now, what are you waiting for? Enter the world of Wyldspace. And remember, your body is always safe, no matter what happens to you in the game.

Wyldspace is a work of fiction targeted toward an adult audience. The story is centered around some of the potential dangers and repercussions of artificial intelligence, complete immersive virtual experiences, and the nature of the human mind and body. All characters in the game are consenting adults, sometimes exploring the boundaries of their sexuality, in a virtual world where they can experience ‘forbidden’, taboo, or unacceptable practices outside such a setting. This should not be seen as an endorsement to attempt such activities in real life or with real people. Remember, this is a game and is meant to be fun and fantastical. Further, it is my intent to remain within the terms of the Patreon ToS, so please do not expect or request content that does not so comply. Finally, any resemblance to real-life people or situations is purely coincidental.

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