Weird Dungeon Crawl

Be the Overlord! Crush intruders! Rise to greatness!

Game Description

You’ve awakened after centuries of rebuilding your consciousness, gathering wayward souls through the structure that houses your essence. Take your ever-evolving dungeon and your loyal Servants to restore your full body and carve a path to the surface world!

+++[NEW TRAP] Flame Hall – Wash the Hero with searing FIRE as they bungle into the latest work of The Trapmakers 

(one of them are still recovering from third-degree burns. The other(s?) seem to find this hilarious)


+ Vaal now has the choice to release her prey when catching heroes in a gas trap


++ Kelemana has a new Glamour sketch in Servant Select Screen!

+ The ui for the main menu has been centered and looks much cleaner

– Other changes and upgrades can be found in this update devlog!

See you soon~


If you enjoy the idea of the game, please leave a comment in the suggestion thread for what you would like to see in the future!

Ingame Screenshot