Wanna Peek? Year of the Bunny

Countdown to the new year with 5 bouncy, bunny ladies, in this NSFW, PANIC hentai game. Hoppy New Year!

Game Description

A sexy, New Years’ themed hentai PANIC-style game from Milky Honey Soft.

Join 5 sexy, bouncy, bunny ladies as they celebrate the end of the year and count down to 2023 (twenty bunny three) in “Wanna Peek? Year of the Bunny” — a PANIC-style hentai action game. Crunch carrots, evade exploding oranges, tip tops (and strip tops), and stay up until midnight in this NSFW 18+ game. 

It’s getting hot and steamy under this kotatsu….wanna peek 😉 ? Strip 5 fluffy bunnies in 15 sexy levels — remove everything from sweaters to socks in this completely FREE game from Milky Honey Software to you! 

Hoppy New Year, Everybunny! Happy Peeking ;)! 

Reveal sexy images by removing pieces of the current pictureTo move, hold Z and use the arrow keys. To remove a piece, connect your line to an existing line. If an enemy hits your line, a fuse will start. If the fuse hits your cursor, you will lose a life. Defeat enemies by trapping them in a new cutout. If you capture an enemy, you will get a power-up. 

Check out the power-ups below: 

Shuttlecock = Shield   

  Spinning Top = Freeze  

 Daruma = Turbo  

 Small boss = Time 

 Big  Boss = Heart 

Operating System: PC Recommended Specs: unknown Controller input: keyboard Rating: Mature 18+ (contains nudity and sexual themes) 

<3 All characters depicted are 25 and older <3 

Thanks for checking our SECOND Wanna Peek Game! ((Pause for applause)). We wanted to give a BIG, BIG thanks to everybunny who played “Wanna Peek? Christmas” (our first game) — you truly made our year! Fueled by the positive feedback we received from you,  we were eager to get our next game done. 

Unfortunately (fortunately?) we remembered it was year of the rabbit (BUNNY GIRLS AHHH!!!), and thus we were tied to another timely game idea haha. As such, this game was developed quickly in order to be released in January. So,  please be kind and let us know if you run into any issues. 

Thank you so much for playing! Look out for more games in 2023!! 

Updates (April 2023): 

Hello everyone! We have made some major updates including 1) larger enemies! and 2) faster game play! Check out the devlog for a complete list of updates ^^ happy peeking! 

Anything else you want to see? Email us: [email protected]

This game will crash when running on Firefox. Please do not run it on Firefox! We are attempting to fix this problem, but there is low confidence that the issue will be solved. Please try playing the game on another web browser. Sorry!

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Ingame Screenshot