The Adventure Awaits 2 😉 V 0.1.6 (Cancelled)

How long can you last 😉

Game Description

Content Warning: Nudity.

A rogue-like deck building game with a kinky twist.

Any and all constructive criticism is welcome and greatly appreciated!

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“A tutorial will be added to the game at a later date… until then…”



W: Up

A: Left

S: Rest

D: Right

Click the cards to use them, the number on the top of the card is the cost and the number in the large heart is your remaining stamina/Energy… 

Press the play button to end your turn and if the bar in the top most left of the screen fills all the way to the end… that’s game over bud… sorry… I’m sure you didn’t want to hear that… BUT SOMEONE HAD TO TELL YOU! GAME OVER MAN!…

Ingame Screenshot