Sexy Shuriken Struggle

Sexy ninjas stripping each other with shurikens!

Game Description

Sexy Shuriken Struggle is a joint project with TDMBP., and is part of our quest to create a bunch of lewd adult games with original art , characters, music, and sound design

You play as Viperess, a retired ninja assassin, who has sworn only to use her badass shuriken handling skills for self-defense. We’re hoping to introduce more characters/levels and story as the game develops.

In this release you’ll meet, Bellflower, a sassy rookie assassin, who wants a piece of Viperess in order make a name for herself within her clan.

You can play the shuriken blocking part of the game with either up and down arrows or “W” and “S” keys.

For those who enjoy their lewd games to be less challenging, there’s a green tissue box in the pause menu that may come in handy. Just pull the tissue out, and Viperess won’t lose. 🙂

We hope you enjoy the game and follow us for more updates and releases!

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Cleesh Haze


Ingame Screenshot