A porn pong game!

Game Description

Be warned – this is adult-only game. Do not open if you are minor by your country’s laws.

So, this is a lewd version of the grand-grand-mother of all video games – Pong.  You have a half-nude girls instead of rackets and must bounce ball off tits. Also it wouldn’t bounce by itself, you should repel it manually in due timing.

I am still trying different web engines. This time I used Phaser. Well, it is somewhat better than lot of other things but still very clunky and uncomfortable to use. I’ve used it’s build-in physics but honestly I shouldn’t – it is not in working state, glitching constantly, failing to resolve simplest collisions and well, not something anyone should use. But it was too late already when I got all that issues so I was too lazy to rewrite it with my own code(even if it is that simple).

Anyway, enjoy this stupid lewd mini-game.

Ingame Screenshot