PlayWith… Neko Cyntia

Rythmic, glorified animation sexual content game

Game Description

Hi there!

Thanks for looking up this super short mini-game – where the goal is to make Cynthia feel good 😀

It is completely free, however if you wish to support me check out my profiles on twitter, instagram and (streaming) –; and add that follow 😀

Doing a dip in the water into game dev, since I am doing also art and animations, thought that would be cool to make it all a bit interactive.

Game is super simple, will take no more than 2-3 minutes to finish, but building it was a great experience. Be sure to also check the credits section in game (there is a little surprise after finish when you go back to main menu <wink;wink>).

I plan to do  more of these adult themed mini-games in the future, be sure to check them out! 


P.S. All donations (game buys) will contribute to the budget for next game(s). 

Ingame Screenshot