A paralyzed girl gets horny.

Game Description

PARALYTIC is a unique interactive visual novel game that allows you to control and navigate the story according to your liking. Every choice you make leads to a different outcome as the story is crafted to create an immersive plotline. 

You play the role of Deanna, a pervert paralyzed girl who wakes up in a hospital with no memories or recollection of her past. 

She finds herself accompanied by these weird, creepy hospital personnel who help her with her recovery through perverted means. With her desire to gain control over her body and naughty personality, she complies with all the procedures, even though some times things really get really naughty. As she finds herself enjoying the naughty stuff, little by little, she started to regain her memories, senses, and body functions. 

What will she do if she discovers that her life inside the hospital is a ruse,  including her own identity?

Will she try to escape? Or will she comply and let these people take advantage of her?

PARALYTIC is designed to be a “first-person” visual novel, immersing the player as if they’re the actual character. Each interaction, event and scene is delicately drawn and designed to give the best possible visual appeal. Each scene is also animated make the game feel more alive despite the protagonist’s state.

The game has around over 25,000+ words of dialogue, which is further expanded by the various choices in the game.

Each character in the game was not based to any real person and is completely fictional and 18+ years in age.

Also, the game does NOT include any illegal or forbidden content according to the’s Terms of Service.

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Ingame Screenshot