Naked Fairy Shooting

Lewd danmaku game

Game Description

Be warned – this is adult-only game. Do not open if you are minor by your country’s laws.

Another try in web game development. Now just a simple shot-em-up game with some naked fairies and bottomless heroine. Only one level and boss presented though, it was tedious enough to make even this much with the chosen tools. 

This time I used Construct 2 and while technically it is working pretty good, WAY better than any other html5 framework I tried,  to tell honestly – using it for complicated game development is huge pain in the arse. Mainly because it lacks any convenient programming language. I pretty much hate  any type of “visual programming” and Construct’s events are no exception. It is too tedious and uncomfortable to program anything with it.

But anyway, please try to enjoy this little danmaku game.

Ingame Screenshot