Lewd Sprites Chapter 9 Update!

Use your cunning to find all the sexy and horny sprites hiding in the very original pumpkin town!

Game Description

search around, find horny sprites, bang them all! You are a sprite researcher, and it’s your job to find out what makes sprites so horny and wanting all the time! 

3 findable sprites, 1 reward sprite and 1 scene with the Huntress.

Wanna see more sprites with dozens of horny scenes? Check out the most recent full build at patreon.com/hyperbeamart (Now with a special bonus animated scene!)

move: WASD
check area: F
Fire Peashooter: Spacebar
grab rocks: E

PS the game actually, genuinely really does have audio now! It’s not even a falsity or fabrication.

Full game has over 25 unique sprites, and more than double that many scenes, all waiting to be discovered in a curious and whimsical world!

Ingame Screenshot