Indiscreet Interludes

A short tryst where every moment could be… indiscreet

Game Description

A short tryst could be … indiscreet. Ever considered public lewd behavior? It’s illegal! But that won’t stop Erika and Max. Their recent escapade? A mischievous game of evading curious gazes – from an audacious cinema “peek-a-boob” to a daring, frosty park rendezvous. Join this quick, interactive romp and help them find those subtle sneaky moments of romance. Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone yells “Get a room!”

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This VN was created to demonstrate how one could use my Exhibitionist Girl Asset Pack. I’ll upload the source code soon after I clean it up.

Created using Stable Diffusion’s ReV Animated model (v122)

License: Public Domain CC0

    – Attribution is very appreciated but not required

Ingame Screenshot