Explore a pixelated adventure, battling monsters and engaging with the main character in delightful, unexpected ways.

Game Description

Welcome everyone to Hentai Saga Studio!

This is my first game, and it is currently in Alfa, which means not much concept and plenty of bugs! However, I hope you will like it.

This is a special game made by Me for You where you have an actual impact on the game. I will make a regular polls/votes which will shape the future of the game!

Goals: Kill some monsters. Open chests to get new outfits. Change the climate. Finally have some fun ^.^

Movement: WSAD or Arrows

Attack: SPACE

Interactive features: Only character on right via mouse left click. 

You can click (if she allows it) on head, lips, chest, skirt. 

If you like the game and wish that your Desires should shape the game, then be sure to join Patreon and Twitter!

Currently, I am running a goal of $150 a month to keep game a live. 

Credits: Special thanks to those 2 for amazing art 🙂 



Ingame Screenshot