Down the Neko Hole 0.24

ACT II of the EXTREMELY lewd catgirl adventure continues!

Game Description

If you like what you see in this (early) demo, make sure to check our Patreon page for updated builds for Windows/Mac/Linux (downloadable, which will make better use of your machine’s specs), art previews, cheats, and polls to vote for the upcoming content of Nekohole!

17/10 update:

Fixed Ruina meeting with Anzu in the Fortress possibly happening before Neneko first meets the Queen, bugging the scene

Fixed Anzu not being in her room after dealing with the Headmaid

Down the Neko Hole is a game about the (mis)adventures of a catgirl that, one night, finds out her little brother has disappeared.

Expect lewdwonderful artworks!




…and possibly bugs, as NekoHole is still being worked on daily!!

Default Controls (100% mappable)

Ingame Screenshot