Amelia HoneySun ⭐️

HoneySun: A Farming Love Adventure!

Game Description

We want to let you know that this is just the first version, an early-alpha, and due to browser constraints, the web version comes with a few limitations. No worries, though! You can visit our PATREON page, where the latest version awaits with all the amazing features, including a HACK-MODE to Instant access to all game content!

Feedback is essential to help us shape the game and deliver the highest quality. And you, yes, YOU are the key! We need your feedback, your thoughts, your ideas. Tell us your favorite parts, the not-so-favorite parts, and anything you think is missing. Your input is what’ll make HoneySun shine like a supernova!

New on Patreon: PC, MAC and MOBILE version of the game.

Ingame Screenshot