A Very Paige Party v0.33d

Join Paige and her friends in a party like no other!

Game Description

This is a short game we’ve been working on for the past months (or past year), featuring our main cast of characters: Paige, Blair, Wal and Emmanuelle on a quest against boredom on a holiday night!

>> This is a HTML5 game. If it’s lagging or running poorly, consider closing all other browser tabs and windows. It’s sure to help!


What’s this? A Holidays game on February?? Bet ya didn’t see that coming!

Hey folks! Looong time no see!

This version has a total of 4 lewd scenes for your enjoyment! (Don’t be fooled by the cards!)

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This game features some amazing artworks done by Eronautics and Ahnei! Make sure to pay them a visit!

Ingame Screenshot