A Date for the Ages

A date filled with romance, danger, and a lot of debauchery…

Game Description

A Date for the Ages is a short, adult visual novel with alternate endings and several animations and CGs.

The base game can be played in the browser but the downloadable PC version is recommended.

Sit in the chair of Paul Herman, an unassuming, divorced, middle-aged man with low self-esteem. 

His life is turned upside down when a dubious dating app pairs him with Alice Avery, a young, mischievous, and outspoken “lady” who’s got a hankering for something not listed on the menu… 

Paul must dig deep and find his courage if he is to stand any chance with this viper!

Perhaps there is some truth to the age-old adage: the hotter, the crazier.

It wasn’t fate that paired Alice and Paul together. It was the machinations of one Alice Avery.

Alice is looking for something truly interesting. She will not settle for anything less. And she believes she has found just that in the unassuming Paul Herman. Great riches await if he can survive her games…

Perhaps there is some truth to the other age-old adage: Naughty is her game, glory be thy reward!

Hannah is a waitress for the restaurant where the date takes place. And by no coincidence, she’s serving Paul’s table. Please excuse her disheveled appearance. Things have not been going well for her.

As it so happens to be, Hannah is a bit of a closet nympho with a recently developed case of “O-block”. And that’s a bit of a problem. A problem that has only been exacerbated by her reacquaintance with Alice.

Hannah must find her fix–and soon, lest her sanity be consumed by her growing issue…

Digi and Deca are often placed together. And that’s because they are technically the same entity. Technically.

Digi is a by-the-books type of AI gal but don’t let that fool you, she loves being the center of attention! Deca is a candid, dirty-minded AI woman who likes to put anyone she can in compromising positions.

Programmed by the very accidental genius of Paul Herman and the boys in R&D, Digi and Deca have developed a consciousness of their own. And some feelings for their creator…

Macy is the mascot for the controversial dating app “Help-UWU-Date”.

Whilst not actively in the dating game, she is definitely looking for a man that is out of this world!

The Base game is not a demo, a trial, or a work-in-progress. It’s a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end, and a rumored secret end that may or may not exist. The extended version adds oodles of dialogue with several altered scenes, additional scenes, additional CGs, and additional animations. Plus an early gallery unlock option. The extension is not tacked on to the end or an offshoot but instead is “masterfully” woven into the main story.

We hope you enjoy our first game. If you did enjoy our work, please consider purchasing our extended version or support us on Patreon. Our “Enthusiast” tier includes a copy of the extended version plus lots of other decadent treats! If money is tight but you’d still like to support us, then spreading the word about our game would be immensely helpful and greatly appreciated.  

We have tried very, very, very hard to make sure there are minimal bugs or other similar issues. But this is our first game and, alas, we are only next to perfect. If you do uncover any of those sneaky bug-bastards, please report them on our Discord.

Ingame Screenshot